2014 Kamemoto Sensei Seminar







Kamemoto Sensei from Kagoshima in Japan is a student of the well-known Sueno Sensei. He arrived to Vienna more than 15 years ago as a kendo 5th Dan and has worked his way to reach his current status as a 7th Dan Kyoshi, by improving his Kendo while living in Europe. He knows well the difficulties of learning and cultivating both the competitive and cultural sides of Kendo out of Japan. He is an international Shinpan who gives international seminars for Shiai referees, and makes a regular appearance in international Kendo tournaments, such as the recent European Kendo Championship in France. He trains the Kendo national kendo team of Austria, and is a key reference for Kendo in central Europe. In addition, he is coauthor of the book “ニッポン剣道、世界へ(剣道日本プレミアム)” – Japan’s Kendo, toward the world (Kendo Nippon Premium edition) – unfortunately currently available only in Japanese.

Terry Holt, 7-dan renshi (Saturday only)
Yasayuki Hiyama, 6-dan
Phil McLaughlin, 5-dan
Yukiko Ayres, 5-dan
Brian Ayres, 5-dan (Sunday only)


Louie Chen – Oxford Kendo