Equipment Costs & Rentals

The initial cost of kendo equipment includes just the shinai, bokken and a weapons bag. This is covered in our Joining Fee.

The bokken usually does not require replacement, however the shinai requires regular maintenance and is replaced periodically when it becomes splintered. As the beginner becomes more advanced, the next step will be to purchase a keikogi and hakama clothing. A keikogi and hakama set starts from £60 for adults and £40 for juniors.

The last major purchase will be the kendo bogu armour. Adults generally are encouraged to purchase their own bogu as they are unlikely to replace these for several years and it will be more comfortable as it is custom fitted. The starting cost for a set of bogu is approximately £250 for a decent set.

Oxford Kendo offers rentals on bogu sets for £50 per year and a set of hakama and kendogi for £25 per year. Please inquire for further information.