Membership Cost & Bank Details

Oxford Kendo membership entitles members to participate in all appropriate practices at Oxford University, Oxford Brookes and Oxford Kendo.


We offer a free first trial with open enrolment. After the trial, payment of membership and the joining fees will be required.

If you decide to join kendo after the trial, we require you to register as a member of both the Oxford Kendo Club and the British Kendo Association for insurance policy coverage. We cannot permit anyone to practice beyond the trial period without registration to both organisations.

Please follow the registration guidelines below:

  1. Oxford Kendo Registration: Our online membership on this website is required after first week’s trial. Please register at
  2. BKA Registration: It will be your responsibility to enroll with the BKA annually. This is strictly required for insurance reasons and covers both you and your practicing partner in the event of any injuries suffered in the dojo practicing venue. Please visit the weblink at for registration and information on the BKA membership. There is a junior reduced membership fee available as well as a temporary one. Membership to the BKA is mandatory and participation will not be otherwise allowed.
  3. We require anyone participating in events such as seminars, competitions or grading examinations who are registered with Oxford Kendo to be current with their membership fees. You will be required to pay the membership fees regardless of the number of practices attended. If you plan to leave practice for a specific period of time, please let us know in advance.

Oxford Kendo Membership Fees

£60 joining fee for all members for basic kendo equipment including shinai, bokuto and weapons bag. The joining fee is not applicable towards non-beginners who already have equipment wishing to join Oxford Kendo.

  • £30 per month for adults payable at the end of the previous month. Discounted price of £300 that includes two free months with the purchase of an annual membership (non-cancellable).
  • £20 per month for juniors (<18 years old) payable at the end of the previous month. Discounted price of £200 that includes two free months with the purchase of an annual membership (non-cancellable).
  • Oxford University and Oxford Brookes University students: £35 per term due at the beginning of each term.
  • Visitors to Oxford: We welcome all visitors to Oxford to join us for practice. If you require bogu/shinai, please let us know ahead and perhaps we have something we can loan you. If you are decide to start attending practice more regularly in Oxford, we will require that you register as an Oxford Kendo member and submit the appropriate fees.
  • Family Memberships: £5 per junior (<18 years old) with each adult membership per month. Discounted price of £50 per year per junior with addition of annual adult membership price (non-cancellable).
  • Please let us know if you will be absent in advance so we can note this on our records. If we do not receive any notification or non-payment after 30 days, your membership to the BKA will be terminated

Beginners Attire & Expectations

Beginners are expected to wear suitable gym clothing in the beginning.  Please make sure that if you are wearing gym trousers that the length is shorter than your ankle to avoid accidents and injuries. The hakama and keikogi are usually recommended a few months afterwards and based on the individual’s progress and the senseis’ assessment. Bogu (armour) will be recommended after the completion of certain levels in kendo and through the advice of the senseis. Please do not purchase equipment without consulting with the sensei. We want to ensure proper equipment is purchased and it is important that certain levels of progress are achieved beforehand.


We welcome members from other dojos to practice. Please contact us before you come so we can provide you with the latest our practice times and venues. If you decide to start practicing regularly with us, we ask that you become a regular full member through all the club registration and fees.

Bank Details

Our bank details for membership / joining fees and equipment purchases:

Bank Name: NatWest

Account Name: Oxford Kendo

Sort Code: 60-70-03

Account Number: 50310666

IBAN: GB93NWBK60700350310666


Ref: Name & Month of payment

Payment by checks made to: Oxford Kendo – we can collect this from you personally or if you prefer to send it via post, please let us know.