Kendo Equipment Suppliers

Please do not purchase any equipment until you have consulted with one of the senseis. This is quite important to ensure your readiness for more equipment as well as making sure you are well advised on purchasing the proper equipment. 

Recommended Suppliers:

UK Based Suppliers

Nine Circles (Official BKA Supplier)

Internationally Based Suppliers

(Note that import taxes may apply)

Tenpudo (Japan) Supplier to Hanshi 9th dans: Matsujiro Matsui, Kiyoshi Nakakura, Yasunori Taniguchi, and Hanshi 8th dans: Sadafumi Takuma, Masashi Chiba, Masatake Sumi and others.

Tozando (Japan)

All Japan Budogu (Japan)

e-Bogu  (USA)

Kendogu Sanbu (Japan) (in Japanese)