2018 Hiroshi Ozawa Sensei Seminar in Oxford

We were delighted to host the 2018 Ozawa sensei seminar in July. Thank you for attending the Ozawa sensei Seminar in Oxford! It was very good to see so many people from various dojos around the UK attend the seminar. I hope you practice keeping in mind and spirit all the advice and insights from …

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2018 Oxford vs Cambridge Varsity

Congratulations to the Oxford University Kendo Team on winning this year’s Oxford vs. Cambridge Varsity Team tournament this past Saturday. The results were two ippons each from four out of five Oxford University Kendo members with no ippons from Cambridge. The team members this year were Ryan O’Reilly, Pierre Petitet, John Jonsson, Kathy Wu and …

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2018 Army Taikai – Oxford Kendo Wins Silver

Oxford Kendo wins silver at the 2018 Army Taikai! Well done to Chris Bowden, Kyo Ikeda and Seungeon Lim! 

2017 Bowden Taikai / British Open

We sent three teams to this year’s Bowden taikai with: Oxford A: Kyo Ikeda, Louie Lichia Chen, Seungeon Lim, Sam Wilkin and Chris Bowden Oxford B: Aryana Tavanai, Chris Jones, Graham Williams, Nishimoto Hirotaka and Luis Trabuco Oxford University: Rick Collins, Junko Takata, Issei Kobayashi, Jung Seok Lee and John Jonsson Alex Polley joined with …

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2017 Mumeishi 3s – Juniors & Teams

Oxford Kendo sent two teams and Oxford University sent one team to this year’s Mumeishi 3s tournament. The team from York with Rick Collins as a member won gold for the tournament. We had a great turn out for the juniors division with Tayo Javaid at his first tournament, Reika Yamada, Yoji Hiyama, Ryuki Hiyama …

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2017 London Cup Taikai

Oxford Kendo competed at the 10th Anniversary London Cup Taikai represented by three teams including Oxford Kendo, Oxford University Kendo and Oxford United Kendo. Oxford Kendo team made it out of their pool but were defeated by Tora that ultimately went on to win first place. Oxford Kendo team members were Louie Chen, Aidan Daly, Kyo …

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2017 Oxford Cambridge Varsity Taikai

I’m happy to announce Oxford’s victory at the Varsity Kendo match against Cambridge! Our varsity team, consisting of Ellen Hang, Kathy Wu, Aidan Daly, Ryan O’Reilly and Rick Collins brought home the gold in a commanding performance, while Ellen took an additional fighting spirit award! Rick additionally took home individuals gold, after beating me in a …

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2017 GB Army Taikai – Oxford Kendo Takes Gold!

Well done to members of the Oxford Kendo Team represented by Chris Bowden, Kyo Ikeda and Aryana Tavanai as they took first place with gold at the Army Taikai this weekend. This was Aryana’s first medal after less than a year since starting kendo!  

2017 21st University Kendo Taikai

Twelve Oxford University students traveled to Cambridge to compete in the 21st University Kendo Taikai. We are very proud of all those who made the journey, and are happy to share the results with the rest of the Oxford Kendo community! Our open team, consisting of Ellen Hang, Junko Takata, Aidan Daly, Ryan O’Reilly, and …

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2017 Oxford, Mumeishi & Wakaba Dojo Joint Practice

Oxford Kendo’s juniors and adults participated in the 2017 annual joint practice and taikai between Wakaba and Mumeishi dojos in Cranford, Hounslow UK.      

2016 Akemi Kaneda Sensei (NL) Visit to Oxford

We celebrated the end of 2016 with a visit from Akemi Kaneda Sensei, 7th Dan Renshi, from the Netherlands with a weekend long practice.

2016 Watchet Seminar & Grading

Congratulations to our members on earning their gradings at the Watchet Seminar & Grading on 22 May 2016. K. Ikeda on his 3-dan and R. Kupce on his 2-dan. – Louie Chen, Oxford Kendo

2016 Oxford – Cambridge Varsity

On Saturday, April 23rd, Oxford hosted the 2016 Varsity Kendo match against Cambridge at Spires Academy on Glanville Road. We had an excellent turnout, with over 20 competitors from the two universities, as well as esteemed referees Paul Budden (7th dan) and Kazuyo Matsuda (6th dan) from Kodokan Kendo, Oxford’s own Yasuyuki Hiyama (7th dan), …

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2016 Four Nations Kendo Taikai

Oxford Kendo at the 2016 Four Nations On Saturday 5th March, three of our members travelled to Birmingham for the annual Four Nations Kendo Taikai between Switzerland, Sweden, Finland and Great Britain. Rick Collins, captain of Oxford University Kendo Club, placed first with the GB Men’s team, playing senpo. Junko Takata, also captain of OUKC, …

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2016 20th Anniversary University Taikai

Congratulations to all Oxford Kendo participants in the 20th University Taikai at Imperial College in London! Oxford University Team took first place at the event this weekend. Oxford Brookes University sent their first team to the taikai. We are pleased to announce the results: 3rd place men’s kyu – Ryan O’Reilly 2nd place women’s open – …

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2016 Jaejin Jung Sensei’s Visit to Oxford Kendo

We were very pleased to have Jaejin Jung Sensei (6th Dan) visiting us from 8-14 February, 2016 joined by Seongho Ahn (4th Dan). Jung sensei’s advice was invaluable for beginners and advanced members. He emphasised the basics of good footwork, posture and fundamental strikes to more advanced understanding ofseme and centre in kendo. We look …

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2016 Oxford Kendo, Wakaba and Mumeishi Joint Practice

Oxford Kendo was part of a joint practice on 31st January 2016 held at Mumeishi dojo in Cranford, Hounslow London. The three dojos represented the largest junior members in the UK and we were very privileged to have taken part in the event. The day involved some friendly competition complete with a party after the …

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2015 Mumeishi 3s Tournament

Members from Oxford Kendo, Oxford University Kendo and Oxford Brookes Kendo participated in the 2015 Mumeishi 3s competition. Mumeishi 3’s is a two minutes competition of three-people teams with a minimum of one person at the kyusha grade level. This year, we were very proud to be able to send our largest ever participation of …

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2015 Mumeishi Kendo Examination

Oxford Kendo members participated in the annual Mumeishi Kendo Shinsa Examination on 11 October, 2015. We are very pleased to announce that Aidan Daly, Oxford University Kendo Club President passed his Nidan (2-Dan). He was one of the only two participants out of fourteen who passed Nidan. Congratulations to Aidan on his achievement and hard …

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30th Anniversary Kodokan International Seminar 11-13 September 2015 & Kendo Grading

Oxford Kendo participated in the 30th Anniversary of the Kodokan International Seminar from 11-13 September 2015 Lead by Masatake Sumi, Hanshi Hachidan. Included in the seminar were senseis: Junichi Tashiro; Kyoshi Hachidan, Tsutomu Yasuda; Kyoshi Hachidan, Morio Kumamoto; Kyoshi Nanadan, Jumpei Matsumoto; Kyoshi Nanadan, Yasumasa Miyazaki; Kyoshi Nanadan, Paul Budden; Kyoshi Nanadan, Kazuyo Matsuda; Renshi Rokudan, Norio …

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Oxford Kendo’s Hiyama Sensei as National Coach for GB Kendo Team

Oxford Kendo is very pleased to announce that our Head Sensei, Yasuyuki Hiyama Sensei (Nanadan, 7th Dan), will be the new National Coach for the British Kendo Association and GB Kendo Team. Congratulations to Hiyama Sensei and GB Kendo Team! Louie Chen – Oxford Kendo

Oxford Kendo @ the 2015 World Kendo Championships – Tokyo, Japan

We are very proud of our two former members of Oxford Kendo who were able to represent their countries and teams in the 2015 World Kendo Championships in Japan! Gel Mattsson for Team GB and Christopher Ballinas for Team Mexico. Well done! Louie Chen – Oxford Kendo

Iwanami Sensei Seminar 12th & 14th March 2015 in Oxford

We would like to thank Iwanami Sensei for coming to Oxford and giving a seminar. It was a very well attended seminar and everyone benefitted immensely from his philosophy and approach to kendo. Marcus Naschke – Oxford Kendo

Cheltenham Kendo Grading Results

Congratulations and well done Oxford Kendo members on passing their kendo shinsa examinations! Ikkyu: Marcus Naschke, Ali Almograbhi and Andrew Deeble. Louie Chen – Oxford Kendo

Yasuyuki Hiyama Sensei Passes 7th Dan

We are pleased to announce that Yasuyuki Hiyama Sensei passed his 7th Dan from the Brussels Examination, 1st February 2015, on his first attempt. It is unusual to find kendokas outside of Japan who can achieve 7th Dan at such a young age. For those unfamiliar with kendo Dan levels, the lowest level is kyusha while …

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2014 Kamemoto Sensei Seminar

          Kamemoto Sensei from Kagoshima in Japan is a student of the well-known Sueno Sensei. He arrived to Vienna more than 15 years ago as a kendo 5th Dan and has worked his way to reach his current status as a 7th Dan Kyoshi, by improving his Kendo while living in …

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Oxford Cup & Ogimura Sensei Seminar 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the Oxford Cup!                   Individuals Tournament Sandan and Below Division 1st Place – Alex Heyworth (Mumeishi) 2nd Place – DJ Henderson (Taiseidokai) 3rd Places – Victor Röhm (Budokan Lausanne/Tora) & Sam Wilkin (Oxford) Yondan and Up Division 1st Place – Hiromichi Matsuoka …

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Mumeishi Taikai 2012

Congratulations to the Oxford and Oxford University teams who competed in this year’s Mumeishi Taikai held on Saturday November 17th 2012. Taikai report by Sam Wilkin: Four teams from Oxford joined the Mumeishi 3’s taikai along with more than 70 other teams from France, Poland, Belgium, Lithuania, Malta, Germany, Norway, Italy and of course the …

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合宿 – Summer Gasshuku and Picnic

4th August 2012, 10am – 2pm A gasshuku is usually a practice where people from the same dojo go to stay somewhere to do some more intense and focused training, often taking place in summer. Although we won’t be staying overnight this time, we’d like to try to create some of the gasshuku spirit for a …

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