Oxford Cup & Ogimura Sensei Seminar 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the Oxford Cup!
Oxford Cup










Individuals Tournament

Sandan and Below Division
1st Place – Alex Heyworth (Mumeishi)
2nd Place – DJ Henderson (Taiseidokai)
3rd Places – Victor Röhm (Budokan Lausanne/Tora) & Sam Wilkin (Oxford)

Yondan and Up Division
1st Place – Hiromichi Matsuoka (Wakaba)
2nd Place – Cyrian Pitteloud (Budokan Lausanne)
3rd Place – Dave Bell (Nagamitsu) & Tomohiro Kintoki (Oxford)

Teams Division
1st Place – Budokan Lausanne
2nd Place – UCL A
3rd Place – UCL B & Oxford A

Fighting Spirit Awards
Andrew Dean (UKKC) & Emily Knight (UCL)

Thank you to those who volunteered their time, without whom the event would not have been possible:
Shimpan: Malcolm Goodwin, Dave Lever, Robert Henderson, Dave Bell, Cyrian Pitteloud, Jeff Martin & Hiromichi Matsuoka
Assistants: Aurore Delachat, Naoki Ichiryu, Matt Flinders, Janet Wong & Erwin Davis
Organisers: Michio Wise & Louie Chen

Thank you, Ogimura Sensei, for traveling to Oxford from Boston for this event and providing a seminar on which we had a great deal of positive feedback. We enjoyed especially the demonstration keiko with the winners. Thank you also for deciding on winners of the Fighting Spirit Award and for being the Head Referee.

Sam Wilkin – Oxford Kendo