Registration for Shinsa Grading (Non-Grade/Ungraded up to 2-Kyu)

Next Kendo Promotion / Grading (Shinsa): Sunday, 19th March 2017

Description: We require all members to have reached at least a 3-kyu before they grade for 1-Kyu through a British Kendo Association grading. This requirement ensures that all our members are very well prepared mentally and physically before testing for 1-Kyu.

Eligibility: If you have been practicing kendo for about 3 months, we encourage you to participate in the grading as that provides you with a structured idea of where you stand and what you will need to achieve for your next level. If you have not graded before, you will be graded up to the highest level you can achieve successfully based on our guideline chart.

Schedule: We endeavour to have a grading every 6 months. The gradings/promotions are give by a panel of three judges with Hiyama Sensei (7th Dan, GB Coach) as the head judge. Hiyama Sensei is a regular judge on the grading panel for the British Kendo Association gradings. Gradings are conducted the end of our normal Sunday practices. There will still always be a practice before the grading to give participants some time to warm up. We encourage those not grading to stay and observe the grading so they can understand the format and the expectations when they are ready themselves. If you have a grade already, you will be graded at the next level or skip to levels above based on your competency.

Visitors: We welcome visitors to join our grading from other dojos.

Guideline: Grading criteria with minimum age requirements for each grade are highlighted at

Payment for Shinsa: Please make payment to the club bank account prior to your grading with reference as “SHINSA” £10 for the grading per person and £5 for the certificate menjo