Yasuyuki Hiyama Sensei Passes 7th Dan

hiyama7We are pleased to announce that Yasuyuki Hiyama Sensei passed his 7th Dan from the Brussels Examination, 1st February 2015, on his first attempt. It is unusual to find kendokas outside of Japan who can achieve 7th Dan at such a young age. For those unfamiliar with kendo Dan levels, the lowest level is kyusha while the highest is the 8th Dan (Hachidan) level.

Hiyama Sensei’s achievement of 7th Dan makes our club very unique as it is quite rare in the UK to have a 7th Dan (Nanadan) Sensei as the regular sensei. Oxford Kendo and Oxford University Kendo kendokas should always remember this by practicing hard and regularly while listening intently to any advice offered from Hiyama Sensei’s.

Congratulations from all his students at Oxford Kendo and Oxford University Kendo!

Louie Chen, Oxford Kendo